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Wednesday, March 11th 2009, 11:10pm

Version 1.0.9 => Version 1.1.0 => update & reforms

Here the english version of the announcement of 11th - many thanks to Churka, who did the translation!

After we had a few days a pause of version-updates, unavoidably due to the existing bug of the Queen’s birth rate, -][- 11th -][- announces for tomorrow (12-03-09), that BeBees will be switched over to version 1.1.0 during the morning (briefly considered 10 to 11 o’clock CET).
They – the admins – weren’t lazy the last days and next to tests, seeming an eternity, they have diligently coded on the game. Following, the info for what will change in version 1.1.0 in comparison to version 1.0.9. Arising questions you can just ask here in the thread.

- Fight report when attacked

If a player starts an attack on another player, the attacked player with Premium Account will be informed about the time of the attack ALWAYS, but not of whom. For Non-Premium players there is a new special-bee, the scout or the scouting guard. If a Non-Premium player owns that type of bee, he receives also the time of the
expected attack.

The scouts identical works like the normal guard, but if there are tries of espionage or sabotage, he is taken for help as last. (example: Player A has got 4 guards and 1 scouting guard. Player B sends 3 spies and 1 saboteur, which visit Player A successfully. The 4 guards will disappear at first, only at try No. 5 the scouting guard will be
calculated for defense.)

- Rule of sabotage

For not getting the sabotage out of hand, they thought up following. Since version 1.1.0 it is only possible to sabotage the cell of one player for ONE time per day. No matter how many saboteurs the player receives.

That means:
Is the gatherer’s cell of player A sabotaged of player B successfully, this cell of player A is not manipulable again this day. Player B won’t receive a notification, if the maximum sabotage-limit is already reached for this cell.

- Little flower bonus for defenders

As implemented in the beta version and missed by many players, the little flower bonus is there again:thumbup:.

The bonus is activated immediately if there is no attacker bee available. Available means, there is no attack bee flying around or in the hive. Is this the case, the little flower bonus is activated and gives you 15% on all honey income (gatherers + meadows).

- Logo short link/ Own hyper-link for central BeBees-Logo graphic

Since version 1.1.0 Premium-Players have the possibility to define an own jump-target for the BeBees-Logo graphic (not the header) in their profile’s settings. For that, each existing cell is sorted out automatically and offered to the player as a storable jump-target.

- Send all gatherers of all cells at the same time

Also desired of many players: The central dispatch of all gatherers in the hive. This was realized for Premium-Players in version 1.1.0. With an available Premium-Account you have the possibility to send all gatherers of all gatherer’s cell at the same time, in the Queen’s cell.

- Espionage/ Sabotage Bugfixing

In version 1.1.0 it is fixed, that you could sabotage or spy members of your colony. If a player is choosing a member of his colony, he gets an notice, that this is not possible.

- Fight reports for attacks with less than 20% of kills

If player A is attacked by player B and the amount of the attacker’s kills is less than 20%, the attacker won’t get a detailed fight report. As asked by you, this prevents from starting 1-bee-kamikaze-attacks, just for saving time and costs of the spy and getting info of the troop.

- Losses at gathering times of 8 to 12 hours

As the losses for gathering times over 8 hours (9,10,11 and 12 hours) were excessively high, it is now like gathering for 8 hours for the mentioned durations.

- Bug of Honey-Safety-Item

The bug, that the honey safety rates weren’t added (Example: 5% for premium, 6% for Item and 20% for Queen’s cell level 5. This must be 31%.) is fixed. Now they are added.

- BeBees-smilies were completed

For reducing tests and questions concerning of the available smilies in the chat, they have completed the smilies just as integrated them considerably more self-explanatory. At this place a big thanks to Nordi, who did this laborious task and created a really stylish thing.

- Blacklist function

Does a player feel bothered by another player in the chat or messaging system, it is now possible to put this player on the blacklist via the profile of this player. The blacklist is to be found at the profile’s setting and there, it has got an own tab. There, you have further the possibility to decide if you want to block such player in the chat, the messaging system or both. Also the deactivation of blocking player is possible there.

- BeBees Fav-Icon

Since version 1.1.0 BeBeesm is provided with a little restore symbol (Fav-Icon).

- Premium chat function

As the chat causes a lot of traffic on the server, they changed – everyone is aware of- the chat, that you have to click on it in each view. Due to financial supporting the game and therefore the necessary servers, for Premium-Users the chat is now visable immediately in the hive-view.

- Abortion of cell-upgrade/ units-training

If you did have aborted a cellupgrade or units-training in version 1.0.9, the Premium-Player did not get 50% of the costs back. But now, it is working.

- Time bug at training of special bees

If you trained special bees individual, the training times were added not calculated separated for each cell. In version 1.1.0 this is corrected and each special-bee-cell is handled separately.

- Fixed bug of the Queen’s birth rate

Sporadic appearing differences in the Queen’s birth rate should be fixed. Now, the birth rate should be matching to the Queen’s cell level and possible existing items.


This as an overview of the most important changes of the tomorrow’s update. The admins hope, that the mixture of user’s desires and own extensions appeals to you. For the duration of the update, they expect a few minutes similar to the past, the Maintenance-Page is to be seen.

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