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Sunday, June 21st 2009, 11:11pm

Moving to more active location?

The area im stationed in is currently devoid of all other player activity. The people around me are inactive ( I know due to them having either 0 or very few upgrade points) and the ones that are active are much larger than me so Id prefer to keep my head low and not approach them. I was wondering if moving to a different, more active spot would be more beneficial to me. However, I face two problems with this idea, I currently lack the JR required to move to any place at my will and two, I could randomly move, but im not sure if I want to take my chances with this option. I do think moving may be a good idea, especially since I plan on eventually joining a colony, and being close to them would be more convenient. What should I do?



Monday, June 22nd 2009, 12:03pm

Moving to more active location?

Hello Tadakatsu,

your thoughts are great!
But… there is no real and "correct" answer about what you should do. It depends on your way of playing. A lot of players just want to build up their hive. They would be very happy about a quite and lonely place in an outer ring.
Other players love to fight! In their opinion captured honey is much nicer than gathered honey. :-) If you want to move up not only in the Upgrade-Points-Statistics you need a crowed place on the meadows. That’s the only way to capture honey and/or to collect (won?) Kills and/or Def.Kills. And --> such an active fighting-style of playing will push also your Experience points! ;-)

Moving by chance is a risk - for sure. But - how boring would life be without any risks?

Did you chose already a colony to join? If yes it is for sure a tactical advantage to be close to them. But it costs a lot of GR… (or you think about a Premium Account)
If not you could risk the move by chance, check the region and try to join a colony in this region ... And think about a strategy to resist the first attacks. If you do not have honey and "small" defending bees for the attackers they will soon loose the interest in attacking your hive.

Hope it helps a bit.




Thursday, June 25th 2009, 9:36pm

I suggest...

Hi there tadakatsu,

You only need to be patient :) and wait for 10 days so you can move your hive in a place you desire for only 5 JR. I think 5JR is not difficult to collect in 10 days. 100JR is only for those who want to relocate their hive any time they want (well, this is what i understand on the note at the bottom right of my map 8) ). 5JR is worth risking for. May this reply helps ;)

;) Simply Zion ;)
born to bee wild!!!


Friday, June 26th 2009, 1:19pm

Relocate your hive

Hello Zion, hello Tadakatsu,

I just copied the help-text for Non-Premium-Accounts and realized, that the translation of the original german one is not good:

You can relocate your hive every 10 days to a new location for free randomly or for 5 royal jelly to desired position within your own ring. Your Register-Ring is #1 and you can move down to Ring #1 and up to Ring #3. You can also move your hive to another location any time for 100 royal jelly by clicking on a free map location.

The options are:
- for free: relocate your hive every 10 days to a new location randomly (you may be relocated in every ring - even in ring 1 in the middle of the big hives!)
- for 5 royal jelly: relocate your hive to desired position within your own ring every 10 days (only in your Reister ring!!!)
- for 100 royal jelly: relocate your hive to desired position within the named rings (in the example ring 1, 2 and 3) any time!

So if you find a better position in your register ring you may relocate your hive with 5 JR to the desired place.

Can somebody from the native english speakers rework the text to make it more clear? Or is it OK?


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