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Wednesday, April 29th 2009, 9:02pm

lil info

hey im new to game would like to know lil about if you could give me a little bit of info how to play and what the games about be good :)


Wednesday, April 29th 2009, 10:58pm

The main idea of the game is to upgrade cells and get points. You can also hero fight which is a individual bee, who fights other hero bees for test a strength. Also you can join a colony, a group of players who help each other out when you are level 5. Also when you are level you can build, and upgrade attacking cells to attack other player to steal honey and get points for swag, kills, and won-kills if you won. When you are level you build and upgrade defense cell to defend yourself against attacks, you get def kills, and won def-kills.
*When you have no attacker bees in your hive, you get an extra 15% meadow income.
This are alot of helpful posts just stuck together:

-][- 11th -][-

if you are new in BeBees it is important that you know what are good first steps ;)

here are my hints for you...

- 1st build a gatherer cell
- 2nd build a living cell (so you get more free workers)
- 3nd after the build of the gatherer cell is finished, you can train gatherers there (from free workers) and send it outside. if you are online often, it's better for you to send it out only 1 hour (the longer you send, more gatherers loose ), if you know that you are going to sleepe or don't log in for a long time, send it 8 house (premium = 12 hours)

UNDERSTAND: No matter you are online or not ;) Your queen produce the bees every hour according to the queen-birth-rate (example: if have a queen level 60, you get 120 bees per hour, that's mean every minute you get 2 bees). However, if you do not have enough living room, your queen wouldn't give birth and you get experience points for every bee born ;)

IMPORTANT: you need 6 storage cells. not at the beginning though. Because your meadows (the same like queenchamber) produce every hour 100 honey + more if you have free workers. In later game, to upgrade queenchamber you will need all 6 storage cells to upgrade the queen chamber ;) and honey is produce all the time, so it's very important that you have a look at your storage cells ;) and storage limits ;)

- plan your gatherer expeditions with your own timeplan. if you do this, nobody can steal your honey ;)
- Do not leave your defenders in your hive, send it to a colony members (if you are in a colony (Level 5) or have own colony build (Level 10)) If you do this and attackers are coming, nobody can kill your defenders and nobody get DEF-Kills ;) in rankings ;)

Pick your strategy if you a defend/def-ker/attacker
Defender: They focus on gathering honey, from meadows and gatherers. They have a lot/strong defenders but barely any attackers. They gain def-kills and constant flow of honey.
Attacker: Are more aggressive, they get their honey from attacking other hives. They have many strong attackers and some very tough defenders. They gain kills and gain uncertain number of honey depending how many hives were attacked and successfully penetrated.
Def-Ker: They are in the middle and try balance out both attacking and gathering.

Try to make a (mental) schedule of what you are going to do when. When you upgrade things can affect your hive, for example try start major/longer project (upgrading you queen cell) 2 hours before you go to sleep, also send gatherers out. This way right the next you start playing you'll have full honey and a free day which you can upgrade the rest of your cells. Also to make it easier to control your hive, keep all the cells of one type of cell the same level, e.g. gatherer cells are all lvl 7, storage cells are lvl 9's, etc... Also try to upgrade the cell in group so pick what you are going to upgrade today, like all your meadows, or your all your living cells.

Sorry for the long post.. :( but hope it was helpful :D
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