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Saturday, March 23rd 2013, 5:30am

Im Eli, looking for a Colony!!

Hi im Elijah :)

i have just joined yesterday, i have read the wiki.
I have 6 home cells and 6 honey reserve chambers.
and i have 2 gather bee chambers. and everything is at lvl 4.

i still don't get my hero, im going to choose a hornet, since im sure eventually ill have to attack.
but im open to suggestions.
Im active and willing to learn lol.

im looking for a colony that will be able to send defender bees to defend me till im able to understand whats ahead of lvl 5.
what i did not understand in forum was this-

i read it twice and.. yeah. so im looking for colony to help me and has patience, etc..

unfortunately i can't lvl up now, im waiting till the Queen gives birth to all the empty slots/bees. so i can train some into gatherers and rest into what i may need later on. but im making thread to see if i get some options and info.
Edit: i am lvling up Queen to lvl 5, im still looking for colony by the way. hope someone responds.

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