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Friday, August 14th 2009, 3:24pm

ԾկՅҿҿ - Colony rules

Colony rules [attention: satire]

§1 Goal of the Colony

There is no goal. Each member of the colony has to submit to this target with all his strength and without reservations. Private or professional goals have to be tailed off. Excuses like "wedding date", "professional appointment" or "official government transactions" cannot be tolerated and do not release of the active or passive help to reach the goal of the colony.

§2 Attendance

Each member of the colony is from the date of its adopted invitation obliged to support the colony at dates of his own selection and with a duration of its online presence, that is determined by itself. For this, it is absolutely necessary to set the lamp next to the player’s name (at colony/members) green if entered the hive and set it red if the hive is left. An active/passive participation in the Main-Chat or Colony-Chat is not mandatory, but it is welcomed (in case of some members also tolerated).

§3 Colony-Chatiquette

The colony attaches great importance to the Colony-Chatiquette, far exceeding a usually applied Chatiquette goes. Particular attention should be paid to following points:

• Each player is obliged to use more cheerful emoticons [xD ^^ etc.] than sad ones [:-( BAH *mumble* etc.] during his affiliation to the colony.
• Drinks, particularly alcolholic drinks, may never be taken alone, but are always offered friendly to the entire group. Depending on the nature of the beverage, here are the commercial vessels q(_) q(____)p or q(___________)p to use. For large beverages the colony provides cost-neutral straws.
• The last, who leaves the chat room is committed to switch off the lights. The first in the morning switches the light on again. Cleaning is not necessary, because the cost for the short time (~20 min) do not worth it.

The supervision is the responsibility of our esteemed chaperone Lady Himberty. She is also the central contact in all rhetoric, grammatical and ethical questions of detail.

§4 Tactical behavior

Each member of the colony is committed to extend its hive according to its taste. In particular, here are the variants "attack", "defense-hedgehog" or "so-so" to mention. Any improvements of the hive like garlands, flower planter in front of the honeycombs, glass doors for beverage-refrigerators, the players have to ensure themselves. But for this, the colony provides generous honey-credits at the request of a player. By this, the colony purchases lifetime the right to visit, hereafter called “drinking session”.

a) Offensive tactics

Each player is obliged to absolute discipline in the attack strategy. He should choose its objectives himself and maltreat them at his own discretion. A team-agreement is possible, allowed, funny, but not required. The moaning from overburdened opponents, the players themselves have to take responsibility for. But if these benter-tirades are of general laughter, it is very desirable to publish these in the Colony-Chat or Forum. A common counterattack showed as a result is not mandatory but could be expected.

b) Defensive tactics

Man forges his own destiny and is accountable himself to the possibly legitimate loutish acts of his neighbors. Of course, any member of the colony is allowed to request assistance or provide same. The following, mutual reciprocal agreement is in force:
“The supporting players, hereafter called the ‘drinktourists’, undertake to do not take objects at home as a souvenir from the accommodating hive. The support requesting player on the other hand, the ‘paying pig’, undertakes to provide drinks in sufficient amounts and concentration of alcohol and sufficiently cool, in return for the ‘drinktourist’, throughout the whole time of visit. If the rare case, that the ‘drinktourists’ leaves the ‘paying pig’ alive, sets in, the ‘paying pig’ is obliged to provide the ‘drinktourists’ provisions in a appropriate form and amount. For calculating the amount, it is advised to use the distance calculator in the forum. Currently drink hoses and hipflasks showed practicable. ‘Ex drink tourists’ by fight or drink, who are remaining forever at the ‘paying pig’, must get sweeped under the carpet by the ‘paying pig’. Possibly in the run up appearing embarrassments must be kept quiet due to reasons of respect.”

§5 Player’s Name

Each player is obliged to choose an appropriate player's name independently. The name may not violate following ethical rules:
• A corruption or trivialisation of the holy bee is not permitted.
• It must be possible to type the player’s name on a commercial PC keyboard and with moderate skill in due time by all members of the colony. So names like "đựòóôõỏọụùúũủýợỮ" are not tolerated.
• The name must not be Lothar Matthäus, Dieter Bohlen or J.B. Kerner.
• Colony-internal, each member is called "rascal”, regardless of age, sex or behavior.

§6 Profile’s design

Immediately after the adoption of the player in the colony, he is committed to design a meaningful profile. It is imperative to use one of the following prescribed forms:
• Profile with text
• Profile with an image
• Profile with text and image
• Profile without content
The use of the unofficial colony-banner in the user’s profile is allowed without paying royalties, but left to your own devices. Technical support from members of the colony will be granted, but claims neither success nor conformity of taste.

§7 Colony-banner

The unofficial colony-banner and all subsequent versions and variations do not claim to use. Furthermore they do not claim to make sense, seriousness and aesthetic well-being. A member leaving the colony voluntarily has no right to remove his symbol from the used colony-banner. (cf. §10!)

§8 Adopting/Expulsion

Because currently there is no reason to exclude, this topic is dealt with in a case of need.
An adoption of a further member is always possible, as soon as there is free space. (cf. §10!)
Particular pay attention to §3 Colony-Chatiquette, §4 tactical behavior and §9 Extend of the hive. Furthermore §10 is in force.

§9 Extend of the hive

The player handle solely the extending of its hive. Members of the colony may not brought to help in so-called "favour to a friend" like plaster, tiles, facing or the like. This is illegal and detrimental to the colony and thus us all! The installation and maintenance of an adequate drink-refrigerator is compulsory.

§10 Leaving the colony

Leaving the colony is not possible.

§11 Rule of DIY (do it yourself) superstore

No player, no relative of the player, no known of relatives of the player is allowed to visit another DIY superstore as OBI, or use products from other DIY superstores, from the date of the adopting up to the expulsion from the colony (cf. §10!). Should materials or products of other DIY superstores already be in use, they are to replace immediately. Probably a change of address is now necessary. This is supported by the colony by providing a free of charge transport vehicle for the duration of max. 24h and a maximum distance of 250km.


Tuesday, March 16th 2010, 10:56pm have alot of spare time do you? :P hehe
Honey Strkyr

I am the
assassin, killa instinct, murder the player, then steal honey, hold it for ransom, its more then a game, this is a passion! X(


Saturday, March 20th 2010, 4:17pm

Yes we have :-P

While doing such things we are not attacking any hives --> so you should be happy ;-)

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