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Saturday, April 10th 2010, 12:42am

The Honey_Stryker Poem

I am here to take your honey
When I won't find it funny
"Capture and Kill" - is my motto
Every drop of honey is like winning the lotto!
Don't make me mad
It's going to end bad
Stay out of my clutch
And I won't hurt you...too much
Did I mention I love my gelee
I spend it quite freely
Remember if you attack me
I kill your every bee...
My army keeps coming like tidal wave
Everyone just runs back in their dark caves
Hoping not to be spotted by my spies
My guards be hunting prying eyes
I make earthquakes every time my army moves
And everyday I improve
Yup, I kick it Old.School
We are swimming in honey pools
I am the victim, and the killer
I can make your bees dance like it's thriller
Bee, I'm th
e bomb like tick, tick
Honey Strkyr

I am the
assassin, killa instinct, murder the player, then steal honey, hold it for ransom, its more then a game, this is a passion! X(

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