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Wednesday, April 20th 2011, 9:43pm

Speed Days over Easter

-][- 11th -][-

Hello BeBees Community :)

to the players who go not away for Easter and spend time on the PC, to sweeten a little playing, I have decided to turn to the Easter holidays, the speed ON at the meadows.

This means, that from

21. April 2011 | 00:00 AM (German Time) up to 24. April 2011 | 11:59:59 PM (German Time)

following game settings are enabled:

- double Birthrate for Bee Queen
- Attacker/Defender reduces training time by 50%
- Hero Battle break is reduced from 15 minutes waiting time to 2 minutes
- double revenue income for honey from the meadows
- double revenue for honey from gatherer Expeditions
- Construction times are reduced for all cells by 50%

Despite the already existing specials at meadows, it's worth it over the Easter weekend goodies to fly to the meadows. all easter gimmicks have no barriers and defenders inside. Long flights can be useful to.

Have fun and pleasant Easter

11th :)

PS: Sorry for my broken english :love: